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custom brick home on a landscaped lot People often desire to build a custom home because they have a specific vision in mind and enjoy having a hand in the design process.  A custom home allows the owner to select their own plot of land, create a unique layout, and build with unconventional materials.  It may also be cost-effective, depending on the materials used.  Custom home designs can be chosen from ready-made plans, or drawn up entirely by the individual, but building a custom home allows the home owner to be as involved as he or she wants to be.  Having a hand in the design and building process culminates in a distinctive pride of ownership.

While some ambitious home owners attempt to build a custom home themselves, most hire architects to help with planning and design and builders who supply the necessary contractors to help the job run smoothly from start to finish.  Builders employ general contractors who oversee subcontractors and tradespeople that specialize in the grading, foundation, plumbing, electrical, framing, roofing, drywall, flooring, painting, and mechanical aspects of home building.  Many builders work closely with outside architects, while some have in-house design and drafting services.  Custom home builders may also provide builder warranties, and some have partnering programs which allow the client to do some of the work themselves.

A professional custom home builder should be reliable, up to date on the latest construction techniques, and have excellent customer references.  They should be willing to provide examples of past work and allow the client to visit homes currently under construction.  Builders should be honest about realistic time frames and potential costs, and maintain good communication with the client throughout the process.  Regardless of the complexity of the project, a reputable custom home builder can make the process less confusing and help turn dreams into reality.

For information about home building careers and the home building industry in general, please visit the Home Builders Institute and National Association of Home Builders websites.

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